Marion (not her real name) has been receiving online tutoring since March. I met Marion’s mother after I gave a Science of Dyslexia presentation at the January meeting of the Simcoe County Learning Disabilities Association. Marion had spent four years in Kumon reading with little or no benefit.  After just three months of online tutoring with, Marion feels that she has improved. Marion’s mother says that, “She is starting to read pleasure books on her own. That never happened before.”

Effective, Convenient & Affordable Help for Struggling Readers.

Marion had a psychometric assessment in grade 5 that indicated she is on the dyslexia spectrum. That is, she is right brain dominant, and therefore she attempts to read with the right side of the brain.  It does not work very well. ( For an in depth explanation of  why some smart people struggle with reading, see Dr Sally Shaywitz’s book entitled Overcoming Dyslexia.)

Marion’s Individual Training Program has 67 lessons consisting of phonemic awareness, sound symbol association, visual and auditory visual decoding, vocabulary and comprehension.  Each lesson is built on the mastery learning principle. Skills are presented as manageable component tasks which students master on my one. Throughout their training students are given support and strategies to assist them in achieving proficiency and  each incremental step is celebrated with tangible rewards.