I received a phone call from man in Michigan objecting to my blog “When is Assistive Technology Too Much of a Good Thing ?” He said that as a dyslexic he gained benefit from the Kursweil text to speech reading technology and in fact this technology helped him complete his PhD. The conversation continued when I explained that although I was pleased that Kursweil had helped him, I still thought that this technology should be a temporary accommodation. I explained that many good intentioned special education teachers are using this technology instead of teaching explicit reading. I mentioned to him that if he had been in my grade 9 learning strategies class, and received 3o hours of OG based Academy of READING training, he would have improved his reading comprehension and been less dependent on Kursweil. He agreed that if he had become a fluent reader, (instead of being dependent on software reading to him) he would have found high school and university less difficult.