From a Grandma in PA,  “Smile for the day… Two VERY loveable and loving children (who just happen to be dyslexic) proudly hung a beautiful sign for their Grandma’s birthday yesterday…and found it to be perfectly oriented and readable!” Fortunately, the Online Reading Tutor decoding lessons corrects mirror image reversals or visual dyslexia. For more on visual dyslexia read Dr Stanislas Dehaene’s book “Reading In The Brain” The following is an excerpt: In everyday language, a dyslexic is someone who confuses left and right and makes mirror errors in reading. Symmetry perception plays a significant role in reading , but left-right confusions are not unique to dyslexics. Early in life virtually all children make mirror errors in reading and writing. Indeed the ability to generalize across symmetrical views, which facilitates view-variant object recognition, is one of the essential competencies of the visual system. When children learn to read, they must “unlearn” mirror generalization in order to process “b” and “d” as distinct letters. In some children, this unlearning process, which goes against the spontaneous abilities inherited from evolution seems to present a specific source of impairment”  ~ Dr Stanislas Dehaene “Reading In The Brain”, page 298 


Two dyslexic grand children post Happy Birthday!

Two dyslexic grandchildren post Happy Birthday!