Why Families Love
Online Reading Tutor

Thank you again for helping our family

Thanks to Online Reading Tutor my daughters Ann and Lily improved immensely on their STAR™ reading test at school. Ann took her STAR™ reader assessment at the beginning of her 5th grade September 2015 scoring 3.7 and in May 2016, after 93 hours of training with ORT, her assessment score was 5.2. Lily took her STAR™ reader assessment at the beginning of 3rd grade September 2015 assessment scoring 2.8 and in May of 2016, after 57 hours of lessons, her assessment score was 4.8. Both girls’ teachers were so excited on the improvement and complimented the program. Thank you again for helping our family. I now have our son, who we suspect is also dyslexic, enrolled with Online Reading Tutor.

Rebecca Hammon, Idaho

Best money I’ve spent

I just wanted to say thanks for helping my daughter learn to read better. Best money I’ve spent. She took her STAR™ reading test at school in September and her reading level was a 3.1. After 45 hours of your lessons she took another STAR™ reader assessment she tested at a 6.9 reading level. Before Online Reading Tutor, our daughter would cry every night when she tried to read. Now, she reads for pleasure. A big thank you to Mary of all the encouragement and support.

Danielle Nacey, Minnesota

Scored a FULL grade higher

Mary, we just returned from Leslie’s fall conference and wanted to let you know the details! So at the beginning of the school year she took a STAR test and scored at the “mid-year grade” level … this week she retook the test and scored a FULL grade higher (mid-year 3rd grade)! She is so excited! By March, before state testing, they want all 4th graders reading over a 5th grade level and now she is now on track to reach that point as long as she keeps working hard as she has been. She looks forward to your emails and enjoys the encouragement!

Lucinda Moore, Minnesota

She is making tremendous progress

I am currently using Online Reading Tutor to help a child in foster care who is severely dyslexic. She is making tremendous progress and enjoying the process.

Dr Clair Hinckley, Arizona

It gave us hope when we felt like we had tried so many other things

We are so grateful to have found the Online Reading Tutor program! It gave us hope when we felt like we had tried so many other things to help our daughter improve her reading and comprehension. Bob and Millie of ORT were also very patient with us as we navigated the process and started the program. We watched our daughter improve in more than just reading because of this program. The consistent use of it day after day, week after week helped her learn she could do hard things and there was so much joy as she started to see improvements at school! Our favorite part was working with a personal tutor to make it specialized for our daughter and for the follow through. I know our daughter would not be where she is today if it wasn’t for her tutor Millie. We love that ORT provides that personal touch. Through those ways our daughter found confidence and improved her skills. Thank you ORT!

Jennifer Jackman, Utah

Now she is 11 and in 5th grade and is reading for pleasure

My daughter Anna was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. She had great difficulty with reading. She was reading at grade 1 level in grade 5. Then she started with Online Reading Tutor. She practiced up to 6 days a week for 10-30 minutes each session. The unlimited logins allowed short sessions which were perfect for her ADHD. Within a year she has gone from reading with great difficulty to enjoying reading. I never got to see my girl reading any books over the years. Now she is 11 and in 5th grade and is reading for pleasure. Her Dad and I are divorced and this program was easy to do at each home. I really enjoyed having Millie as a tutor because she would give us regular emails and Skype sessions which we found very encouraging. She gave us the encouragement we needed to help Anna succeed. I recommend this program to any parent who has a child who struggles with reading. It has made a huge difference in Anna’s life. Anna said, “It makes me read better with a big smile.” She reads books all by herself now. I am so happy that it makes me feel like crying to see her read on her own. We are so grateful to Millie, and Online Reading Tutor.

Sue Vickerman, Iowa

Instead of failing, she is flourishing in high school

When our daughter was in grade 8 we were really worried that she would struggle in high school. Her reading comprehension has improved six grade levels from grade 3 to grade 9. Instead of failing, she is flourishing in high school.

Karen Hynes, Ontario

His reading improved dramatically

Our son was a non-reader in grade 3. His reading disability was so severe that we decided to home school him. After just five months with Online Reading Tutor, his reading improved dramatically. He is now back in school in a regular grade 4 class. He is one of the better readers in his grade.

Mary Sobota, Wisconsin

In ten months our son improved 3 grade levels

Although our son is very smart in many ways, he was non-reader in grade 3. We had tried other tutors with limited success. One of the keys to our success with Online Reading Tutor was training four to five days a week in relatively short 30 to 40 minute sessions. In ten months our son improved 3 grade levels. Now, four years later and entering grade 8 his reading improvement is permanent

Stephanie Cranfill, Texas

Our daughter began training at her own pace, we saw a marked improvement

Thank you Online Reading Tutor and Millie Hull for helping our daughter achieve more in 8 months, than she did in two years attending a private school for dyslexics. Though the private school she attended was excellent, once we discovered Online Reading Tutor, and our daughter began training at her own pace, we saw a marked improvement. The ability to do the lessons on your own schedule, at home or on the road, made the program perfect for our busy lifestyle. Having our own coach was such an encouragement as well, not only to our daughter but to us. This method of training was more comfortable, private, and much more successful than classroom training. Frustration was more easily dealt with. She could move along and get instant gratification when mastering certain sections, or she could slow down and temporarily walk away from more frustrating sessions without the pressure innate in a classroom setting. We are so glad that we discovered this program and are more than happy to recommend it to anyone who is considering options for improving reading skills!

Mischa Blackwell, Mississippi

The results are amazing, we find her reading on her own

A heartfelt thank you to Online Reading Tutor and all the team’s support with our granddaughter’s reading. Seeing her struggle with reading we had our granddaughter tested outside of our states school system. Diagnosed in ‘delayed reading’ and ‘dyslexia’ while in sixth grade with a second grade reading level we were searching for some help and found OnlineReadingTutor.com. The program took ten months for her to get through the set of on-line lessons. The results are amazing, we find her reading on her own, likes it and has read more than twenty books for pleasure since finishing the program. Finishing seventh grade with A’s and B’s, thanks to Online Reading Tutor, her reading level is now at grade level going into eighth grade.

Jim Lee, Texas

I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now

My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia a few years ago. When we found out we made the decision to homeschool her. I had my daughter take the Online Reading Tutor Dyslexia Reading Test App to get a detailed analysis of her decoding skills. The App showed severe decoding errors with both auditory ( bi, bo, bu) and visual ( zi / iz, buj / jub) mistakes. The lessons are challenging and she struggles sometimes and gets frustrated. But no matter what, she pushes through her lessons. She went to a store a few days ago and bought herself a Dr. Seuss book to read all by herself. She also is writing her very first story. Reading is something I thought I would never see her do. Or even want to do. We are not quite done with our journey with Online Reading Tutor, but watching her reading improve day after day is something that is a very rewarding experience for both of us. As a mom who loves to read, it means the world to me to see my daughter who once hated every thing in regards to reading and now is very interested in it. I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now. I would recommend Online Reading Tutor to anyone who wants to give their child the love of reading.

Dalana Cormier, Massachusetts