(i) Our computerized automated assessment, known as the “Placement Test”, gives an indication of the actual reading or math abilities relative to grade level level.  The program then identifies performance goals and creates and Individualized Training Plan (ITP) for each student. This is a very efficient way for your child to learn.

(ii) It is the frequent (four to five days a week), intensive training in the ITP that is so effective. Only Online Tutoring can achieve this.  It is very difficult for a struggling student to have positive outcomes with traditional tutoring at home or at a “brick and mortar facility.” There are two reasons for this. First, traditional tutoring sessions are often too long to have productive learning.  Most children “zone out” after 45 minutes of tutoring. Secondly, traditional tutoring is too infrequent to build the neural connections that is required for new learning to occur. It is the frequent but intense training that makes OnlineReadingTutor so effective. Five, 30 minute quality training sessions per week leads to better outcomes than one or two longer sessions with a traditional tutor. We are so confident that your child will succeed that we guarantee at least a full grade improvement after just 30 hours of training. Please see www.onlinereadingtutor.com/guaranteed-results/