The words dog and cat may well be “read” by memory requiring no decoding skills. On the other hand, sog, rog and lat, zat must be decoded. Another reason for using pseudo words is that longer multi-syllable words are made up of pseudo word segments. For example, the word entertainment consists of four pseudo words: en (cv,) ter (cvc), tain (cvvc), ment (cvcc) .
Of course, one must be careful in selecting pseudo words. “Qib” would be a poor choice whereas “quab” would be acceptable.

Once pseudo words are mastered, fluency in similar real words is much easier to achieve. The student is then ready to move on to more complex, multi-syllable, grade level vocabulary.
We have helped hundreds of dyslexics improve their reading, and learning rapid, automatic pseudo word decoding skills is a crucial part of their success.