Visual Match Decoding

For most struggling readers, decoding non-word letter patterns can be very challenging. (Decoding non-word letter patterns is a key recommendation in Dr Sally Shaywitz’s book Overcoming Dyslexia) This is particularly true of students whose dyslexia involves what Dr Stanislas Dehaene describes in his book Reading In The Brain as “visual symmetry perception” issues.  Our visual match decoding corrects symmetry perception errors.  Students identify high frequency spelling patterns of consonants and vowels in order to facilitate accurate and fluent decoding. These exercises start with single letters. Using a mastery approach students eventually are decoding grade level words.


visual match

In order to master the cvc visual non word letter pattern above, the student must be both accurate and have a consistent pace. In order to master this lesson  the student needs to demonstrate 96% accuracy, and demonstrate a consistent pace. Although these visual match lessons are very effective at correcting visual symmetry issues, they can be very challenging. It sometimes can take over an hour of on-task training consisting of 35 to 40 trials. Each trial has 50 items.

The convey to  our students, ” If the lessons were easy, they would not be very effective. This is challenging, but you can handle it.” In other words, our training helps build the student’s resiliency.