“I just wanted to say thanks for helping my daughter learn to read better. Best money I’ve spent. She took her  STAR™ reading test at school in September 2015 and her reading level was a 3.1. She took another STAR™ reading assessment on January 20th 2016 and she tested at a 5.4 reading level. I attached her test records for you to see if you’d like. Feel free to use it as you’d like. Please just remove her last name if you use it for the public. Thanks. She has now read 2 books at 5th grade reading level that were worth 3 AR reading points and she aced the comprehension test on both. I have given your website to a friend. Her daughter’s name is Ella. She goes to school with Eleanor.  Eleanor’s teacher was also very interested. I gave her the info too. Before Online Reading Tutor, our daughter would cry every night when she tried to read. Now, she reads for pleasure. “ ~ Danielle Nacey, Minnesota

STAR shows 2 grade reading improvement in four months

STAR™ assessment proves Online Reading Tutor efficacy.

The independent STAR™ reading  assessment proves Online Reading Tutor’s efficacy. This grade 5 dyslexic improved 2.3 grade levels in four months.