Is my child alone?

boy reading at libraryAccording to a report by Dr Julia O’Sullivan, Dean of Education at the University of Western Ontario, children who do not read well by the end of grade 3 are at risk of dropping out of school. The report, entitled, “Key factors to support literacy success in school base populations”, shows that at least 30% of Canadian students cannot read or write well enough to support success in school by the end of grade 6. According to this report, of the approximated five million students in Canadian schools, at least one million will fail to graduate from high school because of their inadequate reading comprehension skills.

“These student move to junior or senior high where reading is not taught and these same students are expected to read well enough to learn from textbooks in subjects ranging from science to history, says Dr. O’Sullivan. “Then they have to write about what they know and think. But with out those reading skills, success is highly unlikely.”

Dr O’Sullivan’s plea to improve literacy skills caught the attention of Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, which ran a lead editorial entitled, “A golden ticket for every schoolchild.” O’Sullivan urges that we ensure all students become fluent readers. “Reading, or the ability to get meaning from print, is fundamental for school success for all students. It is the golden ticket that every child in this country has the right to expect.“

In a telephone conversation, Dr, O’Sullivan emphasized how important it is for all children to be fluent readers by the end of grade 3.

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