Sound Advice

In my LD classroom I had a sign that read ” Breaking the Reading Code: Sound Advice” . My students completely understood the play on words, and knew why they did Academy of READING® training sessions for thirty minutes, four to five times a week .

In this exercise, Marion, one of my online students, is doing the auditory-visual match three phoneme non-words known as cvc letter patterns.  To prepare her for these auditory-visual match decoding exercises, Marion has had to master over 20 phonemic and sound-symbol association (phonics) exercises.

The following photo shows the perfect environment for online tutoring – neat, organized with no distractions.


The Academy of READING® is the only software to measure consistency of processing speed and accuracy of students’ responses as part of the skill mastery criteria. This is an important part of student training because it ensures that students become fluent and automatic decoders, allowing them to devote cognitive effort to higher order comprehension skills. Through automaticity, students realize permanent gains and master foundation reading skills for life.

Marion’s mother has told me that her daughter has shown more improvement in four months of Academy of READING® through than four years with Kumon reading.