Many parents wonder if it is possible to teach a struggling reader, including a dyslexic reader, online. I thought I would feature (with parents’ & student’s permission) one of my current online students.  This grade 7 student is a superb athlete. At an eight country track and field meet this summer she medaled gold, silver and bronze. She is also an exceptionally skilled hockey player.

A struggling reader, this amazing athlete has made a dramatic improvement in her reading comprehension

Photographed jumping for gold at an international track meet, Betsy was a struggling reader through six grade.

It is great that Betsy (not her real name) gets such a self-esteem boost from her athletic skills because for this smart, but struggling reader, school has been a nightmare. In fact when her grade 6 teacher asked the class to answer in their journal, “What are you good at?” Betsy’s answer was ” I am not good at anything. I obviously need to improve on everything.”

This is the school reality experienced by  most dyslexics. No one tells them they have a great brain and that they just have to be taught to read in a special way. Our text-based left brain school system leaves them in the dust.

The good news is that Betsy is almost finished her grade 6/7 reading fluency training. She has even mastered level 8 comprehension. This is a remarkable four grade improvement in just six months.