Auditory-Visual Match Decoding

The second type of phonics and decoding exercise we use is auditory-visual match. Students identify and associate the sounds of written high frequency patterns of consonants and vowels. Students train to a high degree of accuracy and consistency of response times, thereby demonstrating fluency and decoding of text.

All the preceding phonemic, sound symbol association and visual match exercises helps prepare the student for these auditory- visual match exercises. But it is still not allows easy .

av match


These auditory-visual match exercises are incredibly effective. They can also be very challenging for struggling readers. This is why we have frequent but short training sessions. The student will not only improve their reading comprehension, but they will develop the critical skill that Paul Tough talks about: grit, perseverance, determination, tenacity and resiliency. The message I give my students is, “ The lessons are challenging because you are learning. You can handle it. Your perseverance will pay off . A few months of hard work now will make learning easier, and lead to a better education, a better job and a more rewarding life.”