This intelligent grade 4 boy from a farm in Ontario has both ADD and dyslexia. His recent psychoeducational assessment revealed both phonological processing and visual discrimination issues. Although the term dyslexia is rarely used in these assessments in Ontario, both of these issues are in fact indicators of  dyslexia.
When he started with OnlineReadingTutor™ on August 27th he was a complete non-reader. Last week he read and understood nine different level 1 stories. His parents are thrilled. He is 55% finished his training and will be reading and understanding at grade level when he is finished.
It is interesting that our model of short, frequent, targeted training has helped remove ADD as an obstacle to learning.

Targeted, short, frequent training sessions .

Dyslexic grade 4 boy learning to read.


In this photo  the student is doing visual match cvcv non-word letter pattens.